Butterfly Spread – Trading At Gun Point

The butterfly spread is one of the most powerful and reliable option trading strategies around.

There really is not much you have to do in order to realize a profit when trading this strategy in calmer more docile months. They are what I like to refer to as a ‘lazy’ trade – one that quite quickly kicks off a profit – as long as the underlying – and the stock market in general – behaves itself and stays contained nicely in a range.

But, I guess the same thing could be said for our other bread and butter monthly income strategies as well – like the weekly options iron condor, the diagonal, the calendar and the double calendar. At least during those beautifully lazy, calm, quiet trading months.

But what is different about the butterfly spread – what makes this trade stand out from those others – is how it handles during the difficult months.

Most of the normal ‘bread and butter’ option income trades – like the iron condor, the calendar, and the diagonal – have been somewhat difficult to trade ever since the big crash in 2008. Can they still be traded – and can they still produce profits? Absolutely. However – in order to do so effectively one needs be on their toes – and there is just more management involved – and stress – and work.

However – the butterfly spread – has, and continues to work incredibly well – even with volatility levels going off the map. I’ve traded calendars, and condors, and diagonals – and a lot of other option strategies through this more wild time in the market – and I have to say the strategy that stands out head and shoulder above the others is the butterfly spread. It’s the most robust – the most consistent – the easiest to manage – it absorbs big moves the best. It’s the trade the has given me the least amount of problems – and the most amount of profits.

Sure, I still do like – and trade – the other strategies – like the iron condor, the credit spread, the calendar, etc…

I just prefer – in a big way – the butterfly spread.

Oh mamma.

I get all emotional and choked up just thinking about it.

Hold on one moment please. Allow me to get my composure here…

All right. Here’s the deal…

If a good for nothing, toothless, smelly, pants-on-the-ground, gansta kicked open the door to my trading room, shuffled in and demanded at gun point that I choose just 1 trading strategy to trade for the rest of my days – without blinking an eye I’d select the butterfly spread.

Weekly Options Butterfly Spread – I love you.

Oh man…where’s a tissue…

To be taught more about the iron condor scheme, click over to Ted Nino’s website on how to suitably place, take off, control and adjust the Weekly Options for steady gains.

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