Day Trading Secret To Survive With Your Money When The Stock Market Doesn’t

Day trading is more difficult than it looks, not so many individuals survive with their capital in one piece. It should be no secret that most day traders lose money when trading the stock market.

Did anyone tell you that over time the stock exchange always goes up? That is only true with explicit time frames and if you do not factor in the devaluation of the currency in which the market is denominated.

Throw in the fact that the indexes change in composition to disguise losses and, well, let’s not go there.

The point is that the market and many stock market trading services had a hideous quarter in July to September of 2011. How well did your portfolio survive?

Many individuals start out trying to earn income day trading only to lose money and end up with a portfolio of dogs that they hope will go back up in price to what they paid for them someday. The two keys there are the words hope and someday.

No one likes to take a loss. The secret is to know when to buy and when to sell and then do it.

A day trading secret that possibly you don’t know is that there are times when you only need to sit in cash on the sidelines. I know, sitting in cash on the sidelines doesn’t pay the bills. But tell that to someone who was stock dealing their heart out these last couple of months and lost money.

Losing money day-trading only puts cash in your brokers pocket.

100 Trade Jack is a stock trading service that prizes the safety of cash and only leaves the safety of cash by making a purchase when correct study of the charts indicates that there is an overwhelming opportunity to make money.

Sound too uninteresting for you, then continue losing money and accumulating dogs. Here is another secret for you; almost all of those dogs that do not hunt now will never hunt again. Sometime you’ll take the loss, or perhaps your broker will just wipe them from the account when determined to be totally worthless.

Learn how to trade stock the right way, for a good profit.

When it comes to your stock trading training, do not let it be said that you don’t know Jack. We are able to introduce you to trader Jack. See our full 100 Trade Jack Review at our web site.

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