Differences Between The Foreign Exchange Market And The Stock Market

Other names for the Foreign Exchange Market are the FX Market and the forex. The main focus of the FX market is to oversee trade between foreign countries using different currencies. The FX market was established around the beginning of the 1970’s. The forex market does not deal with a particular business, but rather, it deals with the trading and selling of foreign currencies.

The main thing that differs it from the stock market is the ample trading that takes place in the forex market. There is a tremendous amount of money being traded on the forex every day, nearly three trillion dollars. This amount greatly exceeds any amount traded in the stock markets of any country in the world. The forex deals with banks, financial institutions and governments all around the world.

Only purchases that can quickly turned into cash, and also straight cash are what the forex deals with. No matter what type of currency they use, cash is fast available on the forex market for any investor in any country.

The fact that the forex operates around the world marks another difference between the forex and the stock market. The stock market only trades within the country. The main purpose of the stock market is to oversee trade between business entities within a country, while the stock market deals with international trade.

The stock market is not always open. It follows a typical business schedule and it is closed for holidays and weekends. The forex is always open, to be able to cater to the needs of different countries located in different time zones. Due to the fact that some markets close when others just open, trade would not occur if the forex was not consistently open.

The trade overseen by stock markets can only occur in the currency of the country where the stock market is in. But the forex is involved with any country and any currency. Because of the fact that the forex is active using many different currencies marks the biggest difference between the forex and the stock market.

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