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Wise traders would do anything to avoid making the wrong decisions by simply making their own Forex trader journals. If you write down all your ideas, thoughts, and strategies, you can rise above the common pitfalls of trading and at your leisure time, do review them to refresh your memory.

This very simple yet effective practice is not new, in fact it is ancient and since many people are beset with forgetfulness, writing down your trading successes and failures may just avert a bad headache. Write down important facts, your doubts as well as your strategies.

Experts in the trade all have journals, they do it for one special reason, and that is to improve their trading schemes and methods. No one can afford and even think of losing, so before you make the decision on trading, simply go over the journal and consider it a reminder.

Make your journal as tidy and organized as possible including separating your thoughts, ideas, and strategies. These are your secret manual and it should be as organized as possible by writing down the details.

When making decisions in trading and writing in your journal, try to be calm and composed first. Stresses can influence your decision and a big chance making mistakes in such an emotional condition.

Do not forget to write down why you should enter or exit in the trade and if it is successful or not. The purpose of having Forex trader journals is to serve as a reminder, a warning, and a guide in order to maximize your trading potentials.

The journal highlights you weaknesses and strengths, as well as you strategies and your deepest thoughts on trading. All successful traders have journals which is why we see many of them share their strategies borne out of mistakes and years of experience.

Forex trader journals are extremely helpful and when writing in it, try to be as detailed and honest as possible. Your success in trading depends largely on how you much you learned and how you dealt with your mistakes and how your rectify them.

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