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Investments can also be speculative investments. It becomes speculation when the investment is made without adequate analysis. Or the investor is only interested in short-term investments. This type of investment carries a higher risk as they depend on fluctuation in the prices of the assets where the price does not directly reflect the real value of the asset.

The speculative investment may be beneficial or harmful. The speculator typically buys a produce or an asset when it is in short supply or when the demand is high so that the increased short supply drives up the price. When the price is high, the produce or asset will last longer. But the higher price will keep away a section of the consumer from buying. Speculative buying also is likely to result in hoarding of the produce, further leading to an artificially created short supply fueling the prices even higher. At the same time a higher price could also promote increased production and possibly import if needed.

Increased demand and higher price is a result of speculative buying. Similarly, the price is made to fall artificially with speculative selling which can lead to the price falling below its actual value. Often speculative buying shows up as a continuous rise in the price with more prospects of increased price. This is attractive to speculators who continue to buy more hoping to make a windfall of a profit at a later date. This speculative buying spree could reach a point when the speculators loses confidence and begins to sell. A selling spree can rapidly crash its price leading what has come to be popularly called ‘bubble burst’. Speculation is high in the foreign exchange market, a major economic activity. There are a number of useful learning tools that can assist anyone to learn about the forex market such as Learn Forex Live, Forex Trading Made E-Z, the London Forex Rush System and Forex Breakouts.

Increased speculative investment leads to short term volatility of the market that results in unstable price. The leads to a bubble that soon swells up beyond control and bursts. Such economic bubbles and bubble bursts too have been frequent in recent times. Increased bubble bursts do impact the larger economy creating an economic melt down. There is an increasing demand to control and regulate speculation. Suggestions ranging from a ban on speculation to ban on speculation in certain commodities such as oil to levying a penalty on speculation have been suggested. Tobin Tax, named after the economist James Tobin, has been suggested as a tax levied at 1 percent or lower.

Getting involved in a Forex business is not an easy task at all. So whatever happens, a business person should always be determined and dedicated to make his business successful.

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