Forex Flush Trade

Among the many profitable setups I use to reap the benefits of traders, especially those which enter trades with poor trade location; is the Forex Flush Trade Setup.Within article and video on my site, I will go into great depth in helping traders understand the functionalities behind how this strategy works.

Leading Indicator

AUD/JPY is seen as a leading barometer to understanding the state of market. The current flow of the AUD/JPY gauges the risk aversion /risk appetite of investors. If traders are more optimistic about the market, with an increase flow of money into riskier investments, the AUD will strengthen against the JPY. Alternatively, if you see a decline (stronger Yen), then large funds and institutions are decreasing their risk appetite and investing in safe haven products.

Flush Out The Orders

This strategy is based on the premise of identifying the general roles of the market participants. Retail traders generally trade with charts full of indicators and have a small percentage catered towards price action. By employing this strategy is primarily based on indicators and entering trades delayed times. Additionally, an enormous amount of investors will trade using breakout strategies. If the smart money is not moving in the direction of the breakout trade, you will tend to see a sharp move to new highs, followed by a flush of professionals looking to enter shorts, basically going against the inexperienced traders, consequently hunting for their stops. The pendulum swings will continue to occur until there is an agreed direction, which tends to occur consequently after important fundamental news.

Trade Smart

Trading in the market should be seen and conducted as an art. Using my creativity, I want to create a plan of my intentions of the painting, before I even consider placing my brush on the canvas. What I mean is plan your trade first, before you even contemplate pulling the trigger. Really thinking about the mechanics that drive the market and how you can utilize this opportunity.

Words of Wisdom

Remember there is no right or wrong way of trading, as long as you learn to adapt your trading with the ultimate aim of producing a profitable plan. If you area at a stage of a sound foundation, continue to develop, grow and blossom as a trader. Learn, learn and learn.

Ken published this article to help those understand more about the strategies that are used by professionals in the currency markets. To watch the indepth video, please go to: Forex Flush Trade Setup Video.. This article, Forex Flush Trade is available for free reprint.

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