How Money Is Made In Forex Trading

My job’s salary was not enough for me. The salary was not too competent. Well it was enough for subsistence level but more than that, I had nothing else. I wanted a new phone but I was not approved for a new subscription. This means I had to buy my new phone with cold cash. This is why I started looking for an extra job online. And from the research that I made, I found out being a Forex trader can make me earn a lot.

There were a lot of jobs I found out online, like encoding, writing, trading and selling but none of them looked fun. But what caught my attention was being a Forex trader. I signed up and learned the basics of Forex in less than a week. Just to mention to the readers who do not know, Forex trading is the market of trading currencies. The changes in the value of money allows investors to earn money.

Lets use example currencies A and B from two countries, wherein A is your country’s local currency. The exchange rate is 1A = 1.5B. Now we have what we call the pip which is the lowest trading unit in Forex. Let’s pretend you have 100,000A, which allows you to buy 150k B. With 150k B, we wait until the exchange rate moves to 1A = 1.3B. This means we can sell 130,000B to get our 100,000A investment back, which leaves us with 20,000B of profits. Selling that, we have a profit of 15,385A. Clearly, the percentage of the return of investment is was at 15%.

When I was just starting out, I signed up with a reputable broker that helps out new traders. Their service was great, allowing me to test run Metatrader 4 for a whole month free. I learned all of the different charting and trading software and how to manage my risks. I quickly learned the value of technical analysis and when to make a move.

Because I couldn’t afford the pips, my broker helped me trade via leverage trading, wherein I shelled out a collateral of 1000 dollars, and they allowed me to trade using their money amounting to 200,000. Of course the broker and I split the earnings, according to the size of the original collateral I shelled out.

I earned a lot from Forex trading. You might want to try it out. Go to this page to start up your own forex trading account Forex trading

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