Pricing, Technology, And Trading Atmosphere At Online Discount Brokerage TradeKing

TradeKing is a popular online agent founded in 2005. It provides various fiscal services to online users at cheaper rates. Lead by Donato Montanaro, its headquarters is found in Florida. Tradeking consistently ranks particularly high in buyer services and has been recognized as a top online broker lately.

Fair Pricing

Tradeking offers the least expensive trading of stock, options and other market derivatives. It is tricky to imagine any other online broker offering costs as low as $4 for stock and options trades. Plus, your costs are further reduced if you trade in multiple contracts. If you glance at the charges applicable in other corporations, you?ll find the costs at Tradeking are almost halved. Additionally, there is no provision for maintaining a minimum account balance. If you’re not trading, not a greenback will be charged from your account in the name of upkeep fees or any other concealed fees. The undeniable fact that they help you out with your trades and don’t charge any additional fees for trading education is indeed overwhelming.


In the modern day world, it is really important that you know about what you are trading. This not only helps you save up on outrageous commission charges but also makes you an informed trader. Tradeking promotes self-direction among its users and provides them complete access to their accounts. While self-direction does sound exciting, without apposite knowledge of the market it might prove to be extremely risky. Tradeking educates its users through various write-ups, user forums, and webinars for example. It is always possible to seek professional steering from Tradeking experts and even communicate with other traders. Tradeking ensures that you are up-to-date with all nationwide and international financial activities through its 24/7 updates, news bulletins and expert research.




According to many online backers, Tradeking?s client service is really the best in the business. In 2009, Tradeking was given for quality customer service by SmartMoney. In 2007 and 2008, they were rated as the top broker by SmartMoney. Barron?s and Kiplinger?s have also rated Tradeking as the best online broker over the recent years. In 2008, they were honored by Webby for their wonderful 2.0 web trading platform.

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