Should You Invest?

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, a greater number of people are considering investments a necessity. Sadly, other retirement plans, along with social security benefits, no longer seem a reliable source of income, and they are hardly sufficient to keep up with the cost of living.

Investing provides a safety net – a way to ensure that you will have sufficient funds to live comfortably when you retire or stop working one day. But, what type of investment allows you to get good returns without getting too much on the line?

Savings account present little risk, but they are also very flat when it comes to returns. If you have a sum of money you would like to invest – both money that you have saved, and money you have suddenly received as a lump sum – you might want to invest it following different channels. In order to see that money grow, you will want an investment that provides good returns with acceptable risks.

And you don’t only invest for the future, but also for your children’s education fund, or to purchase a luxury item. The type of investment you need largely depends on your financial goal, and of course, investments that bring the largest returns are also those that present the highest risks.

Most financial institutions will be able to advise you on the most appropriate type of investment for your future needs. Saving for a college education is a shorter term investment than saving for retirement. You are probably still going to be employed while your kids are getting an education, so even if the risk is a bit higher, it is worth taking it, since the returns will be higher. Your retirement fund should be set up to bring lower returns and have less risks involved.

Investments are made by buying stocks in the stock market. You can try this yourself, but a broker at a financial institution will have a lot more knowledge than you and could be beneficial. A broker should be able to discuss with you which type of investment is best for your needs and your age.

Online trading on the stock market has become quite popular in recent years, as people feel they can trade stocks themselves and not have to pay a ‘middle-man’ fees to do it for them. It is okay for you to buy and sell stocks if you know the stock market, or if you at least don’t mind to learn about the stock market, but ultimately it is best to leave the job of buying and selling stocks to people that know what they are doing.

Whatever method you choose, make sure that you fully understand what type of investment you are making, what returns you can expect, and what guarantees are in place. Unfortunately, too many people have lost everything they had because of investing in stocks that were too risky but promised high returns. Stay away from investments that sound too good.

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