Some Common Mistakes New Traders Make

Trading in the stock market can be a fun experience at times. It has its ups and downs and over the long term it can be a profitable adventure. So, what are some of the common mistakes that newbie’s make?

The first mistake that people make is paying too much attention to the news. If you could really take what the news is saying and use it to invest into the stock market wisely there would be a lot more millionaires out there because everyone listens to the news. Actually rumors and opinions that can be found on the news can even cause you to panic sell or make some other foolish mistake based on your emotions.

More often than not the news will act as a trigger to your emotions. Instead of making decisions based on how well the stock is doing or how strong the actual company getting random facts thrown at you can lead to you making decisions based on fear and greed. Fear of missing out on a hot tip will normally not work very well.

Another mistake made by new traders is switching game plans. If you did something stupid like put all your money into 1 risky penny stock then switching game plans and exiting out of your position and calling your losses short might actually be a good thing.

But if you actually have a plan that is another story. If you bought a stock at $50 and planed to exit out at $65 or cut your losses short at $45 there is no point in getting out at $49 just because you are scared that you might actually lose more money. Create a plan and stick with it.

The final reason people have trouble in the web is that they do not have a plan to limit their losses. Whether your plan is to use stop losses to cut your losses short or your plan is to diversify between 20 or 30 different stocks you do need to limit your losses somehow. This way you do not lose everything on one trade.

By working hard at it and learning from your past mistakes anyone can make money in the stock market.

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