Using Weekly Options – Befriending The Butterfly Option Spread To Produce Weekly Options Beer Money

Call options started way back in 1973. The standard call options was born because of the CBOE or the Chicago Board Options. In the year 1977, the put option was established after the success of the standard call options. The put options became very popular. The trading volume really increases between years which shows how popular it become. The investors know how options works. The options has various functions for investors and generally, you may expect more increase as more people use it.

2005 was the launching of the new class option called Weekly Options by Chicago Board Options Exchange. After the prior options, weekly options is now available. Weekly options or “weeklys” are interchangeable terms use by the investors. “Weeklys” can be compared to monthly options by the investors. Weeklys only last for eight days while monthly options are not. You can get weekly options on Thursdays and it automatically expire after eight days. On the other hand, monthly options has better expirations which is on every third friday of each month. Investors of weekly options have the benefit of fifty-two expirations per year.

Options can be implemented with various strategies. Different tactics are currently available according to your chosen options. And what are the efficient tactics for the weeklys that investors may use? Strategies on monthly options can be also use for weekly options. You may notice that these techniques can be done four times monthly for weeklys. On the other hand, you can only apply this techniques for monthly options only once.

Many premium sellers like to take advantage of an option’s rapidly accelerating time decay curve on its final week of its life. When they use weeklys then it is surely a bonus on their part because they get to have many time decay curves. When monthly options are considered, investors get to be paid 12 times. Weeklys terms of payment is fifty-two times a year.

The strategies (like Weekly Options) that you can do with the weeklys are much the same strategies with the monthlies. You can market both put and calls option. You can also strategies like covered calls, spreads and condors. The three strategies are both good for weekly and monthly options. Obviously, weekly options has shorter time line than monthly options.

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