The Combination of Fundamental And Technical Analysis in Financial Market

For people who are doing spread betting, accuracy of their prediction is the most important aspect to get the profit they want in this business. This simply means that when the market is moves to his favor, he will make profit, and when the market is move against him, he will lose some money in his trading account. It is as simple as that. Just like any other type of paper money investment, in spread betting, investors eligible to make his decision based on the analysis that he did before open any order.

In market analysis, there are many aspects that should be taking into consideration before investors make their final decision whether to participate in current market or not. There are two type of analysis that investors conducted, these basic analysis are the fundamental analysis, and the technical analysis. Just like performing analysis in the traditional markets such as stocks, options, forex, or commodities, analysis in financial spread betting is not so different from the rest.

As investors in this market, there are steps you need to take in order to get good result from their trading activity. First of all, investors need to look at the news section and check out for our big news that will be release for that day. Investors need to be sure about the news that have impact on the currency they plan to trade. If the news big enough, investors need to stand by the sideline until the next news release.

News analysis can present powerful data when combined with events like fundamentals or any other aspects in participant countries. However, if the participant country’s got natural disaster like tsunami or hurricane, the currency strength of that country will be determine by how powerful that currency is at the moment. The strength of that currencies support by share holder’s funds, injection from government etc.

Many investors applying this technique to have better sight of the current market condition, when looking at the chart, investors have the outlook of the whole market, and can come up with the best possible solution on how to deal with the current condition. Many tactics can be apply in trading any paper money market via the combination of technical analysis along with fundamental analysis. Just by staying on the sideline, you can also consider this as a good trading strategy. Traders will never know if the market is safe to trade or not, until all becomes clearer.

So no matter how hard this business is, if you can just focus right now, you are better to use both techniques at the same time to generate analysis that is powerful. However, that there are points you need to remember and take everything into practice each time you face difficult market condition.

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