The Commodity Code Common Questions – Precisely Why Trade Commodities?

There are several who think that stock trading is the best. It’s also exactly the same with Forex and Real Estate. Numerous however, do not know the strength of Commodities Trading. In this first installment of The Commodity Code FAQs, we’ll proceed through several reasons why you need to trade commodities.

Commodities versus Stocks

When examining the overall performance of commodities vs stocks, obviously the performance regarding commodities is way better compared to stocks. Nevertheless, many people don’t dare to go in the particular commodities marketplace because they believe it is risky. But what’s risk? Like several things, danger is dependent on how you dictate your trading. Look at the forex market. Is it not far more “risky”, in which costs are much more volatile (not to mention you do not have anything physical to hold on to). Why do folks say that commodities is risky, nevertheless turn to trade Forex?

It all boils down to understanding what you trade. Many people do not know what commodities trading is all about and so subconsciously label it as being high-risk or perhaps dangerous. An additional area where commodities beat stocks is the variety of techniques to trade commodities. You can trade commodities futures, commodities, Stocks of commodities companies, and even mutual funds in commodities. Likewise, you can get a increased leverage with commodities. Obviously, this is not to say that you ought to stop trading stocks entirely. Remember, we should usually broaden our collection!

Commodities versus Forex

It is much harder to trade forex due to its crazy cost variances, especially when news is launched. How can this be? It is more difficult to generate a risk management plan as mentioned previously. Trading platforms may have glitches which might cause your stop-loss to never trigger (Yikes!). And not to say there are numerous bucket stores that are not really reliable to trade with long term. Therefore ultimately, to actually trade forex legit, you may have to trade with ECN brokers where commissions will be taken for each trade.

In commodities, it is the same thing. You have to pay every time you open a position. However, you should be aware that forex is a lot more of trading, and less of investing. Very few people put their cash in the forex market for long amounts of time. Folks tend to put in their cash, and when the currency turns into a little stronger, they sell this. That isn’t investing. Investing is actually placing your cash in the vehicle that will help you get consistent returns. It is more of a longer-term thing. Subsequently again, it’s good to venture into different investment vehicles. Who knows, you may have a flair for Forex!

So to wrap up, I need to say again that this article is not designed to say that commodities is the foremost investment vehicle. What I want to bring across is actually that it is a very practical investment vehicle in which you get great returns, variety and less risk (or easier risk management).

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