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Forex brokers are all over the net. So how do you choose one? Reading online reviews is a quick way to ascertain which brokers are legitimate and easy to work with. Ensure you check any deposit requirements and any fees that will be charged. Take the time to visit each broker’s webpage and make note of their contact information. Once you have narrowed the field down, call the brokers on the phone and make sure you are comfortable doing business with them before signing up for their service.

A Forex broker is an intermediary between the currency market and the trader. You should have no problem finding these types of brokers when doing a simple online search as the internet provides many. The Forex Broker Guide website offers free registration. The registration includes forum capabilities and a social networking bar with available public and private chat rooms. They also offer members only promotions and deposit bonuses as well as reviews and comparisons to other foreign currency trading organizations.

The foreign exchange trading is the buying and selling currency in the foreign exchange market with the goal of making money. Each currency has an exchange rate which is the current market price for which one currency maybe exchanged for one another. It also refers to the value of the US dollar against the value of other countries’ currencies.It is quoted in pairs like Euro and the US dollar or EUR/USD. Investors here gain profits when the rate of a currency pair goes up or go down.There are certain factors that can affect the exchange rate.

One is the supply and demand of a country’s currency in the international exchange markets which is commonly known as the floating exchange rate. Another factor is the trade balance. If there will be an imbalance in the trade industry it will have a bad effect on the exchange rate. For example, if a country exports much more than they import, then there will be a higher demand of their currency to compensate the imbalance. The investors confidence also could affect the rate. If they believe that the economy of a certain country is strong, then it is possible that they will buy the country’s assets which could make the value of that country’s currency to go up.

Forex brokers can earn money in many ways. By commissions, spreads, dealing, and there are those “bucket shops” brokers who will actually steal your money. However, the commission based brokers are the safest, and so is their profit. They have no reason to manipulate the prices, because they do not consider the role of other party to customer trades. Usually their fee depends of how valuable the trade is. When spread is involved, the brokers can increase intrinsic spreads to earn, and sometimes they don’t charge commission.

The Author is a Trader for an American trading house. His Forex trading experience lies in setting limits for small wealthy individuals.

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