Tips On Utilizing Your Financial Safety Net

When it comes to the money that you set aside for annual or semi-annual payments or for emergencies where you need extra cash quickly, where do you keep it? Drawing funds from any of your savings or investment accounts is something you may not want to do since there may be a penalty for early withdrawal or it might be financially disadvantageous at that time.

Here’s another question. Are you setting anything aside in case you need to pay the deductible on an insurance claim?

A good place to put funds for infrequent payments or for possible emergencies is in a money market account where interest rates are most often higher than savings accounts and are more accessible. In some banks, even higher rates on Internet money market accounts are offered. What you need to do is check your bank’s rates on various types of accounts to see which would be best. A good idea would be to compare banks. There can be a big difference. Money market accounts require a higher balance, but the amount you will need to keep in it will more than meet that.

The good thing about money market accounts is that it is usually more than enough for most people even though there is a limited number of checks you can write on it in a given time period.

Planning your budget would mean that you will need to make payments to this account until the balance is sufficient to cover your home and auto annual or bi-annual payments and cover all your deductibles for your home, auto, medical and dental policies. Once this account is fully funded, the interest earned will be able to reduce your monthly budget payments that go to replace that which was used for insurance payments or for emergencies.

With this account in place, you will be able to take the highest deductible allowed thereby reducing your monthly insurance payment. You will now be able to make an annual payment, saving on the service charges if you pay your auto insurance quarterly or twice a year.

It is definitely better than most savings and checking account interest rates even though money market accounts may not earn the kind of return as a mutual fund or other types of investments. Money market accounts have the advantage of easy access for your infrequent financial needs.

You can give yourself some efficient financial security by enabling your money to work for you in several ways as long as you have a little self-discipline.

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