Weekly Options – Credit Spread Income Every Week

This strategy has been a widely utilized strategy by most Weekly Options traders. Along with being one of the easier option trading strategies to understand, another reason newer option traders in particular gravitate to this approach is that it can take very little time to manage it while it is on. So if you are a credit spread seller, you don’t actually have to watch every tick in the stock market and monitor the changes all the time. You can just go out worry free yet assured of generating consistent income with the trade.

Iron condor, butterfly spread, and double diagonal are some of the option spread strategies that come along with the vertical spread which is highly fundamental for such option spread strategies. The usual thing for most beginners in weekly options trading is to head through this strategy right after they have ascertained the options and have decided to buy straight calls and puts, then covered calls, and then debit spreads.

Traders like to sell these weekly options spreads because when invested rightly the trades have a good probability of success and can allow the investor to still profit and ‘win’ without having to be precisely right with price direction and movement. The good news with credit spreads is that the traders can still earn a good monthly profit even if their prediction of the direction of the stock market could be mistaken.

Take a look at this example: our trader is bearish on the XYZ stock. XYZ is trading at a recent high and our trader believes that the stock will not move any higher over the next 30 days. With neutral to bearish circumstances, the trader can sell a bear call spread which is a call option vertical spread.

If our trader’s anticipation is correct, this means that the stock market heads to the negative direction and this Weekly Options spread trade wins. If the stock does absolutely nothing and just remains trading at it’s current level, this trade wins. What’s even great is that even if the direction of movement of the stock market is positive and the trader’s prediction is entirely incorrect, this trade can still win. But only if the movement is not too high. In other words, if the stock moves more rapidly than expected, this could lose the money. However, with appropriate management, this trade could still make earnings and it could still give benefits.

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