What Separates the Good Stock Trade Program From the Bad?

The economy has one primary issue sitting on the end of everybody’s tongue. What’s it going to take to make your finances secure? What’s the difference between the people who are going to manage to retire with some semblance of style and the people who are going to continue paddling, barely keeping their head above water?

The difference between the comfortable and the struggling lies in the ability to recognize the best means to capitalize on one’s monetary assets, the ability to set realistic goals and do the right investment thing to get them successfully to these goals. They knew that they must track market trends and accurately predict (for the most part) where the ups and downs of the market are and how to use them to positively influence their investments.

In other words, they’re going to need to learn to master some basic principles of investing.

When most people think about investing, they are thinking about stock trading, so that is the example that will be used here to search for programs to help the beginning investor learn the basics. In reality, the principals talked about here also lend themselves to just about any investment situation, whether it be real estate investment, antiques or breeding Welsh Corgis.

Really, at heart, they’re all the same. You just have to understand how.

1) Look for a program that’s run by real people with real experience. The most important thing you can do for yourself when you’re trying to choose a learning program is to pick one that’s not run by educators. Seriously. It’s okay to learn basic geometry from a teacher, but when you’re trying to learn something as specialized as stock training what you actually want is someone who’s already been knee-deep in the grittier aspects of the industry. They’ll be able to teach using a little less theory and a little more reality, and when you get right down to it that’s what you really want to learn anyway.

2) Choose a program that connects you with a mentor. It doesn’t matter how much theory you’re going to learn along the way, you’re still going to have questions. There will still be things to learn. You’re going to need someone to learn them from. When you choose a program, find one that will connect you with a mentor for continued long-term growth.

3) If you are not an expert, start at ground zero. This is a golden principal I learned in college when faced with the opportunity to test out of a class where I had so much experience in the subject, I could have taught the class myself. What happened was that the testing process to opt out was so time-consuming and expensive that I wound up taking the class. I was awestruck by how much I learned from that elementary class of which I knew everything already. The moral of the story is if you think you know everything about the subject of the class, take it anyway. You are sure to learn something new.

Believe me, your pride will get over it. Your wallet will love you.

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