When Foreign Currencies Of The World Unite

One fact seems to hold reasonably true – for every country there is a currency specific to that country. There are exceptions to this truism with the advent of the euro in Europe, and further talk of other regions around the globe discussing the creation of common currencies, but this notion is slow to gain traction it seems. Lots of talk, no action. Many a foreign exchange (forex) trader makes their living off of trading currencies at values that float in global markets. What would life look like for them if a global currency was established?

Forex values for cash will vary since most of these countries float their currencies in a global market (with much talk about pressuring the Chinese to start floating the yuan ). Trading currencies has been around since the invention of coinage thousands of years ago. Most are aware that much of this trading was transacted against the gold standards of the time, but bartering on the value of coins versus products has been a mainstay since man invented the term "value." A strategic shift in recent years to adopt supply and demand values of independent currencies, and support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in these efforts, has created the need for a forex brokers review methodology to constantly monitor and post specific currency trading values.

Although working totally against the very principles of laissez-faire economics, the act of merging a wide array of currencies into one does have its strong points. The U.S., Canada, and Mexico are discussing the possibility of operating under a common currency as we speak for the North America economy that is already somewhat blended with the free trade agreements in place between countries. One of the obvious advantages of a common currency shows up quickly when considering tourist travel with no money exchanges required (or mental gymnastics to convert values between dollars and pesos as an example).

For major financial markets for which there is little or no regulation in place, many are calling for a unified currency to be used across the globe. Although some detractors of a unified global currency point to the need for being able to "value" different currencies based on the economic and political climates of the country at any given time, many think they only want to be able to continue doing what they have been doing, which is to make huge sums of money by playing the spread.

Although the marriage of foreign currencies into one is the antithesis of forex, no one foresees any threat in either of the two extremes. For the fact remains that there will be a good number of countries opting for currency unification, while others go the opposite path. Therefore without the threat or fear of regulation, the unseen hand of democratic economics can only continue to increase the wealth of nations and with it, the individual investor.

Peddling within the boundaries of the forex trade arena is a highly dangerous game to play. Thousands of hopeful investors in the foreign exchange trading market are still peddling tirelessly.

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