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Candlestick Charting Patterns- The Hammer, the Hanging Man And the Spinning Top!

There are many candlstick patterns that you can master. Candlestick patterns can be highly profitable trading signals. However, some patterns appear frequently and can be easily spotted. Hanging Man and the Hammer are the two among them. Both are different. Hanging Man is bearish while the Hammer is bullish.

How to spot the Hanging Man and the Hammer? These candlestick patterns are easy to spot on the chart. When you spot a very small candle body accompanied by a pretty long wick on the bottom, it is a Hanging Man if it appears at the top of the uptrend and it is a Hammer if it appears at the bottom of the downtrend.

In less than ideal cases, you might also find a small wick at the top of the candlestick. When the Hanging Man or the Hammer appears, you need to look for the confirmation on the next day.

Now suppose, you think that you have spotted the Hanging Man in an uptrend. Wait for the confirmation the next day with the opening price. If the opening price on the next day is less than the previous day’s close, you have a true Hanging Man. If not, then that was not a true Hanging Man.

A Hammer should have a very small candle body with a long wick at the bottom. Similarly suppose, you think that you have correctly spotted the Hammer in a downtrend. You should confirm this with the opening price on the next day. If the opening price is higher than the closing price the previous day, you have a true Hammer. If the opening price is not higher than the closing price the last day, it is not a true Hammer!

Whenever, you trade candlestick patterns, first spot them correctly than wait for the confirmation on the following day. The best chart for these candlestick patterns is the daily chart. Once, you get the confirmation, trade these patterns. They can be highly profitable. But in case, you don’t get the confirmation the next day with the price action, simply ignore the pattern as not true.

Spinning Top is just like the Hanging Man and the Hammer. Spinning Top is a signal that the battle between the bulls and the bears ended in a draw. It will start next day again with ony side giving in. What this means is that an explosive move in the price action can take place the following day.

How to identify a SPINNING TOP? This pattern appears very frequently in the daily charts and can be highly profitable if spotted correctly. A Spinning Top has a very small candle body in the middle with two equal wicks on the top and the bottom.

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Spot Trading Gold On Forex Can Be Highly Profitable

Have you ever given a gold ring to your friend as a token of your true love? Gold has been the most precious metal from the dawn of civilization. It is still considered to be the ultimate currency and the ultimate store of value in times of political uncertainity. For the last ten years, the gold market is in a secular uptrend with the spot prices having recently breached the historical barrier of $1,200 per troy ounce. After that there was a retracement and the prices did come down to around $1,100 per ounce but this uptrend is expected to continue for sometime.

Forex trading is considered to be a recession proof business as there is neither a bull market nor a bear market in currencies. Currency prices are always quoted relative to one anther and currencies are traded in pairs. What this means is that if one currency goes up the other goes down. It is being said that many millionaires will be made in the currency markets. Forex trading is the hottest market right now after the recent stock market crash. Many small investors lost their lifetime saving in the stock market crash of 2008. Investors have turned towards forex in droves.

Many people don’t know this that you can trade gold on forex too. Many forex broker platforms that you use to trade forex, allow trading of gold and silver against the US Dollar (USD) from the same platform. Both these precious metals have high demand in the industrial sector and as the global economy recovers from the recession, the prices of gold and silver are expected to skyrockets as industrial production picks up and consumers start buying again. When you trade a currency pair, you go long on one currency and short on the other. In other words, you simply buy one and sell the other.

There are many currency pairs that you can trade like the GBPUSD, EURUSD, UADUSD, NZDUSD, JPYUSD. Spot trading gold on forex is almost similar with gold replacing one currency in the pair and the other currency is always USD. In case of spot gold trading on forex, you trade one ounce of gold in the spot market againt US Dollar (USD). So just like when you trade a currency pair, when you trade gold on forex, you are taking either a long or a short position in gold against USD.

So, in spot gold trading on forex, you are trading one troy ounce of gold against USD. Interestingly the symbol for this is also XAUUSD with XAU representing one ounce of gold. Now, suppoe the price quote in the spot market is 1100 XAUUSD. What this means is that one troy ounce of gold in the spot market right now is equal to $1,100 USD.

Just like anyother financial market, the price quote in the gold spot market has got a bid/ask spread. So if the price quote is 1110/1115, it means that you can sell one troy ounce of gold in the spot market for $1,110 and buy one troy ounce of gold at $1,115 meaning you will have to pay a spread of $5 per troy ounce when trading in gold in the spot market.Spot gold trading on forex is a fast moving market and the spread keeps on changing throughout the day.

Spot gold market is a fast moving market and the price quotes keep on changing. So, suppose just after 60 minutes, you find the quote to be 1120/1126. You see a profit and decide to get out selling at $11,200 making a profit of $30. Now if you had used leverage, you would have needed a much lower initial investment to make a profit of $30 in just 60 minutes. Now a standard lot in currency trading is equal to $100,000. But in case of gold on forex, a standard lot is equal to 10 troy ounces of gold. So, if you find the price quote to be 1112/1117 and you are interested in going long. In that case you will have to buy 1 lot of gold that is equal to $11,170.

Gold is also know as anti dollar. What this means is that their is an inverse correlation between gold and USD. This inverse relationship can help you hedge your positions in other currency pairs.

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Five Reasons Why You Need To Try Retail Forex

In 2008, many small investors got their finger burnt when they lost their lifetime savings in the stock market crash. Many turned towards the retail forex market. The major reason for the growing popularity of retail forex in the investors is its 24 hours liquidity that means that retail forex market is open 24/5 plus no commissions per trade with tight spreads.

Now, many sophisticated investors are also turning towars forex as well. If you have some experience of trading stocks or bonds than you can esily switch to forex trading as the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis basics are almost similar.

Recent advances in technology means price transparency and a better trading experience with the use of stop loss and trailing stops. What this means is that traders can execute their trading plans using a combination of these orders to better manage their currency risk.

Managed forex account also make forex trading easy for many people who don’t have the time to learn forex trading. These managed forex accounts give them the opportunity to profit from the forex market without having to trade it. These accounts are managed by professional traders on behalf of their clients who have full access and control over their capital in the account.

Over the last few years, forex robot developers have been able to develop a number of good robots that have been giving consistent performance. In the last decade, algorithmic trading systems became more and more sophisticated. These automated trading systems are also know as Expert advisors or Forex Robots.

Recently the first Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) was held. It had a cash prize of $150,000. The winner robot developer was a trader from Croatia who won the $100,000 cash prize when his robot made something like 150% in one month in the live trading competition.

Transparency and the stringent criteria for the competition is going to develop more trust in the use of these robots in the future. The second round of FRWC will start in the next few months and is expected to be even bigger than the first one. The increasing sophistication of these forex robots means that more and more people can trade forex on autopilot from the comfort of their homes now.

What this all means is the future of retail forex trading is exciting. These robots can be used by anyone. Even those who have never traded forex before can use these forex robots to make money from the comfort of their homes.

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Mastering Moving Average Crossover Secrets Can Be Highly Profitable

Moving averages are one of the simplest and the most popular technical indicators that can be used in any market. While using averages, the length of time used to calculate them is very important. Moving averages with shorter time periods fluctuate more activley and tend to give more trading signals. Shorter time period moving averages tend to whipsaw a lot that can cause losses.

There are three types of moving averages. In case of weighted and exponential moving averages, more weight is given to the recent prices as compared to the old ones making them more responsive to recent price action as compared to the simple moving averages. Simple averages are calculated by dividing all the prices with the number of time periods used to calculate the average.

Now, longer time period averages tend to move slowly and have a long curve that makes them slow in giving trading signals. Traders use a combination of slow and fast averages in trading. A trading signal is generated when the two cross each other and hence the name crossovers.

Most traders use the combination of three averages. Futures traders use the combination like 4,9 and 18 period averages. Stock traders use longer periods like the 40 day, 100 day and 200 day to generate trading signals. When the short period average crosses the medium one, this gives a trading signal but this need to be confirmed. Confirmation is obtained when the short and the medium move above the longer period average.

When using moving average crossovers as a technical indicator, you should be long when the short average is above the longer period average. And when it is below, you should be short.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is based on these averages and is a powerful technical indicator in the trading arsenal of any trader. These crossovers between the three averages are an indication the momentum is shifting from one direction to another.

These averages work very well in a trending market but do not work well in non trending or choppy markets. However, when trading with these crossovers, you should know this that these averages are lagging indicators. What this means is that they are giving a signal about the past price action something that has already taken place.

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Major Futures Trading Exchanges

Trading futures contracts on crude oil, wheat, corn, coffee, soybeans, pork bellies, cattle, interest rates, currencies, gold, ethanol, heating, gasoline, silver, copper and others can be highly lucrative. Remember the summer of 2008 when crude oil prices jumped from around $60 to around $150 per barrel in a matter of two to three months. Those who had been trading crude oil futures made a lot of money during those few months. Similarly, gold market is in an unprecedented boom for the last many years. However, many people are just afraid of trading futures. Most invest in stocks thinking that futures trading is risky. Statistically speaking futures trading is no more riskier than stock trading. However, the returns in trading commodity futures can be much higher than those in stocks.

If you want to profit from commodities than futures trading is the best and direct method of getting access to the commodity market. There are several active futures trading exchanges in the US. Three of the world’s largest futures exchanges are located in Chicago.

Futures trading is no doubt risky but if you learn it, it can be highly profitable. As said before, Ricard Dennis and his turtles used to trade the most liquid contracts in the market. The number one is the CME ( Chicago Mercantile Exchange). The futures contracts that get traded on CME include among others stock index futures, foreign currencies, interest rates, commodities, environmental futures and others.

The commodities futures that get traded on CME include cattle, butter, limber, pork bellies, Goldman Sachs Commodities Index, live cattle, milk, lean hogs, feeder and fertilizer. Now as said before, commodities is an important asset class. CME provides you with the opportunity to trade many commodity contracts.

Now, one of the ways to trade stock market is to trade stock indexes like the various S&P 500 like the S&P 500 Midcap, Small Cap as well as the Russell 2000 and the NASDAQ 100. CME provides you with the opportunity to trade futures contracts on these stock indexes as well as their mini versions the E-Minis.

You can easily trade almost all these contracts from the comfort of your home electronically using your computer.GLOBEX is the Electronic Trading Platform owned by the CME Group that allows the electronic trading of these contracts almost 24 hours a day.

The second most important futures exchange is the CBOT ( Chicago Board of Trade).The futures contracts that are available on CBOT include agricultural futures like the soybeans, ethanol, rice, corn, wheat and others. Mini contracts on corn, soybeans and wheat are also available for trading on CBOT.

A mini version of Dow Futures called the E-Mini Dow is also available. You can also trade mini versions of gold and silver futures contract on CBOT. CBOT gives you the opportunity to trade one of the most popular stock indexex the DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average) in the form of Dow Futures.

Now the best place to trade crude oil, natural gas, gasoline as as well as a host of other energy futures in the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange).This is infact the global hub for energy trading and offers futures contracts on unleaded gasoline, heating oil, electricity, light sweet crude, natural gas, propane and coal.

NYMEX also provides you with the opportunity to trade precious metals like the gold, silver, platinum as well as palladium. You can also trade metals like copper and aluminum on NYMEX. Futures trading is something that is not difficult to do once you get the hang of it. In the beginning, you should just paper trade these contracts for a few months!

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