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Hornets – Mini Stock Cars Races

Not your average stock car. Watch these mini stock cars known as Hornets race on a short dirt track. These beat-up little speed demons bump, smash and streamline their way to victory. (17:02)

Get Accurate Stock Price Info on Your iPhone

Buy high, sell low? No, wait… If you like to play the stock market you most likely want to keep tabs on how the market is doing. The iPhone comes standard with a full-featured stock application that’s easy to use and offers accurate and up-to-date information. (01:44)

Learn about Foreign Stock Categories

Learn about foreign stock categories in this series of financial advice videos. (01:17)

Foreign Small Cap and Value Stocks Vs a Foreign Index

Learn about the foreign small cap and value stocks vs a foreign index in this series of financial advice videos. (00:35)

How to Invest in Foreign Stocks

Learn how to invest in foreign stocks in this series of financial advice videos. (01:11)

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

Stock analysis, when done correctly, will change your life! It will help you to turn a small amount of personal savings into a quickly snowballing trading account. Analyzing stocks correctly has the potential to free you from work, debt and a feeling of “want” into one of the rare people who are truly independent, can live anywhere in the world they like and need only to work a few hours each week.


Day Tradingl
Dec 25, 2009
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Support and Resistance Technical Analysis and Day Trading

Let’s start with a definition of support and resistance. Support is an area of accumulation where the price of the stock is cheap enough so that people buy more (accumulate more) of the stock. Resistance is an area of distribution where the stock is at a price that traders deem to be too expensive or when they want to protect the profits they have earned, so they are encouraged to distribute or sell their holdings.


Day Tradingl
Oct 10, 2009

Swing Trading – Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Pro

Swing stock trading is a short-term method in which stocks are held for a few days or weeks. This trading style lies somewhere between the day trading and long-term investments.

Monika Wenyl

Day Tradingl
Nov 16, 2009

Day Trading Indicators – Technical Analysis Indicators

Trading on the stock market requires that you have some kind of strategy so that your losses do not exceed your wins. Without having some indicators to go on, you can almost be sure that you will not make the profit you want because you will be continuously picking the wrong stocks. Here are some tips about selecting the indicators you want to use.


Day Tradingl
Oct 31, 2009

Stock Selection Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

There are two main ways of picking stocks (or any kind of investment).

Fundamental analysis is concerned with looking at the economic fundamentals affecting the particuar stock (etc) and covers everything from the economy it operates in (interest rates, unemployment, exchange rates etc), through sector prospects (is the sector

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