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Attention: If you’re SHOCKED how fast your investments are shrinking… then this is for YOU!

“Thanks For Nothing, Wall Street!”

I’d be better off DOING IT MYSELF…

Dear Fellow Investor,

We investors have had enough of being played for suckers.

So it will be a cold day in hell before we trust the money-grubbing brokers and crooked CEOs of Wall Street again… if ever!

And every new revelation of brokerage corruption, earnings fraud and corporate chicanery – and even yet-to-be-proved charges, such as the current accusations against hitherto squeaky clean Goldman Sachs, do little to revive confidence any time soon.

Is there anyone left we can trust?


Remember that tried and tested idiom?

If You Want A Job Done Properly Then Do It Yourself
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Because no one… but NO ONE will look after your nest egg like it was their OWN MONEY… except you.

And won’t it be great if – instead of getting mad – you get even with the whole blood-sucking financial establishment?

As Roger Bacon said “Revenge is a sort of wild justice”.

Only one problem…

It’s very easy to say.

But didn’t you get entangled in that web of deceit woven by the Pollyannas of Wall Street in the first place, because picking stocks is not your forte?

You’re great at what you do, so you aren’t looking for another career as a stock broker (especially now, when they are so “popular”).

There Has To Be A Better Way
A better way where you keep tight control of your precious capital and only grow it on when specific opportunities arise where you have a distinct unfair advantage.

An unfair advantage is where you enjoy a strong chance of a profit, based on proven principles, coupled with – and this is paramount – a rigid stop loss in case the stock goes the wrong way.

I’m ready to hand you that unfair advantage.

Hi… my name is Edward Burke… and you may recall I beat 254,000 of some of the shrewdest investors to win the $500,000 First Prize in the 2008 “CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge”.

That’s me on the right in the picture…

Me being awarded the top prize of $500,000 by beating all comers in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge in 2008.

I beat all comers by using my own personal system for picking good investments, whilst fiercely guarding against losses.

It’s a secret method I’ve developed and honed to perfection over ten painful years of trial and error.

You see – like you – I also understand the wisdom in the saying “Want a job done properly? Then do it yourself”.

Because I figured, if I could do it myself, then I could make myself richer, quicker if I didn’t have to share my profit with a broker.

And, anyway, they might well be more interested in making themselves richer, at my expense, than actually helping me.

And after a full decade of inching forward, slowly getting closer to the key to the Kingdom Of Profitable BUT SAFE Investing – I finally got it!

And, boy, has it been worth all the frustration and midnight oil burning.

Because it regularly produces solid results like these…

Up 67% in just 17 days: my method signaled a buy of Interoil Corp on November 9 at $52 and the stock rose 67% in just 17 days.

Up 65% in just nine weeks: I spotted a good position on China North East Petro on December 18 at $6.95, which – just nine weeks later – had produced a very welcome 65% gain.

Up 13% on the first day: this year started well with a 13% gain on the first day with Reddy Ice Holdings and I exited with a full 33% gain.

Doubled the investment: MGIC Investment Corp, spotted at $6.75 and matured in the first week of April with a 100% gain!

Another 100% gain: Strategic Hotels and Resorts, which my method threw up resulted in doubling of the investment in just seven weeks.

Up 48%: HSN Inc looked like a good buy at $20.50, which proved to be the case when it produced a 48% gain in just 15 trading days.

Another 100% investment: in just 19 days trading, Callon Petroleum at $3.99 rewarded my faith with a 100% gain.

Up 20% in less than a month: I spotted CNH Global at $27.82, which produced a 20% gain in just 16 trading days.

29% up in 17 trading days: Lululemon Athletica looked a good buy at $35.09. And so it proved, with the stock moving up a full four points in a single day and ending 29% up, when I took my profit 17 trading days later.

50% gain within three weeks: I spotted NN Inc were ripe for investing at $4.23 and so it proved with a 50% gain in just 16 days trading.
Investing Free Of Fear… Even In These Worrying Times

As you can see, these are no timid penny shares, but solid real-world investments. You’ll recognize many as household names – underpinned by strong fundamentals.

And my guiding light is always the protection of precious capital.

So I only ever invest when the chances of making a gain are better than 50/50 and I always insist in a rigid stop-loss to protect the investment in case the market goes the wrong way.

So Don’t Get Mad – Use My System To GET EVEN

Because, having surveyed the carnage of the second Wall Street crash and the current accusations being leveled at the hitherto golden boys at Goldman Sachs, I’m ready to recruit my private band of brothers (and sisters) who want to turn the tables on the whole miserable gang.

And it’s easier than you might think.

So let’s see how my methods compare with that villain of the moment: Goldman Sachs.

Pitting Me Against Mighty Goldman Sachs

Abby Joseph Cohen, partner and Senior U.S investment strategist at Goldman Sachs, forecast that the Standard & Poor’s 500 would reach 1,675 in 2008.

And we all know what happened to that prediction.

Fact is, by November 2008, the index hit a low of 741.

By contrast, my system would have put you in the right place at the right time during this major calamity – as it would have during the subsequent fragile recovery, in 2009 – as well as pointing the way to hanging in during the bull markets of 2009 and 2010.

I Don’t Claim To Have Predicted The 9/11 Stock Market Crash

But – even on that darkest of dark days – I had already seen the writing on the wall, with my method already indicating a bear market.

In fact, it would have told you the right position to take for every major bull or bear market as far back as 1974…

2010 Bull Market… 2009 Bull Market… 2009 Recovery… 2008 Financial Collapse… 2008 Market top and 12 week bear market… 2007 Bull Market… 2006 Bull Market… 2005 Bull Market… 2003 Bull Market… 2002 Bear Market… 1999 Bull Market… 1998 Asian Currency Crisis… 1996 Bull Market… 1995 Bull Market… Persian Gulf War 1990… 1989 Bull Market… Crash of 1987… 1986 Bull Market… 1984 Bear Market… 1982-83 Bull Market… 1977 Bear Market and the 1974 Bear Market.

But there’s no magic involved, here.

I’m No Soothsayer, Blessed With Second Site

Nor do I have a crystal ball.

My enviable accuracy springs from my rare ability to spot – with crystal clear clarity – what is really already happening to the market. Because it’s human nature that drives the markets.

And, once I’ve nailed that down, it’s a simple step to identify the one stock that, right at that moment, I believe provides you with exceptional prospects for a profit.

Then I put the icing on the cake with an unbreakable safety net under your investment to protect it from any unexpected downside.

So your chances of a nice profit are excellent and your risk minuscule.

Until now, I’ve only released my closely guarded secrets to a few shrewd individuals with instructions on how to use my methods to copy my success.

And Here’s What They Say…
Hi Ed,

Let me say your system is the easiest, most direct and clear cut I have found in 7 years of trading research.

I have the knowledge to trade without it and with very close to the same entries and exits using candlestick price bars only. Until your system I have been unable to find such consistently trending stocks use confirmation to my satisfaction. Your system provides that in spades.

Thank you from the depths of my wallet and trading accounts for sharing your system.

Beaufort C Addison Jr

Thank you Ed for sharing your techniques with those of us who have been searching for a way to be systematic and consistant in the market.

I must tell you that I am actually using your system with my 401K. I have made 4 trades and everyone was successful. The longest WIN took 3 weeks and my winnings were $4,430.

Thank you ED for being the light at the end of the tunnel!

Rich Titleman

Hello Ed,

You are a champion. Here in Australia we often place an adjective in the middle of a word to stress the importance and the emotional content. So when I say you are fanbloodytastic the meaning it carries is of high importance and strong.

Thank you for your assistance.


Paul Wieland

Have been using Ed’s system since buying and paid for the cost in my very first trade and have “found” many other trades to make money with since. Thanks.


Greg MacKenzie-Ross

Hi Ed,

How do I thank you?

I am so overwhelmed… and so grateful.

Your generosity and kindness has really moved me.

You have no idea how many system sellers there are out there, who have no interest in actually trading and even less in helping a fellow trader.

I feel so indebted to you. What can I offer you in return?

With gratitude,


You lead a very busy life. Yet I bet dollars to donuts you would love the sort of investment returns I’ve shown you.

But your time is too valuable to spend doing the research and constantly monitoring the market.

On the other hand, you don’t want to entrust your painstakingly built up, precious capital to some thief of a full-service broker.

So here’s…
The Perfect Solution

I’m going to do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

After all, I created and perfected my method.

So who better than me to spot those golden opportunities, invisible to less educated eyes?

So, rather than you squander your precious time, learning what I already know, you simply get an alert from me, when there is a profit opportunity, and you just follow my simple instructions.

And that’s it.

And, if you’re concerned I’ll be spouting gobbledygook, read what Duane says about the clarity of my instructions…

Hello Ed,

The quality of your work is only surpassed by your ability to communicate the process of trading in a clear and concise manner.

Great job on both accounts!


So allow me to invite you to be one of the very first fellow investors to accept this invitation to be…

A Founding Member Of My Exclusive
Stock Pick Secret Investment Club

This gives you the golden opportunity to take full advantage of my proven success … without bothering with the day to day minutia.

And my objective is clear: to help you build wealth by growing a large part of your portfolio, regardless of whether the stock market sinks or soars.

All you have to do is watch your profits fill up your bank account.

And here’s how you’ll make money – steadily and safely…


Without minimums or maximums: invest as little or as much as you like.

* Without highly leveraged, often risky investments: you’ll never be advised to invest in pork bellies or other futures.

* Without complicated strategies: when I spot a sound profit making opportunity, you’ll get a simple ‘Buy this’ alert with an exact entry price.

* Without unnecessary risk: because there will be a rigid stop loss for every investment to slash to the bone any possible downside.

* Without playing a long game: there are no ‘Buy and hold’ strategies – just clean and simple entries and exits when your profit target has been hit.

It’s the early bird who gets the juiciest worms…

And so it is here, because I’m only just launching my Private Member’s Club – which means…

You Can Make Your Shrewdest Investment Of All

And so it is here, because I’m only just launching my Private Member’s Club – which means…

Because by moving quickly, you can claim Founder’s Reserve Membership.

This is a strictly limited (150 places) entitlement, which recognizes your early membership by rewarding you with a substantial discount off the standard membership rate of $400 a month.

If you are a serious player, $400 will be a drop in the ocean, anyway, when compared with the returns you’ll make from my selections – even at a modest 20%. And you’ve seen most of my picks provide far healthier returns than 20%.

And here’s some even BETTER NEWS for you.

Because – as one of the early bird 150 Founder Members – your privileged status entitles you to a 30 day trial of the full subscription service for just $19.95!

What’s more – after 30 days your subscription will be less than half the standard rate – just $195 a month for the lifetime of your membership.

This means you can follow my investment recommendations in real time, as they actually happen … warts and all.

How’s that for confidence on my part?

And you can keep your power dry by just performing paper trades, until you are 100% happy with the quality of what I have for you.

What’s more, the risk is entirely mine.

Because you are fully protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That means if at any time during your trial subscription, you are not amazed and delighted with what I tell you, just let me know for a fast and cheerful refund of your trial subscription.

And, when you continue with the full subscription you can cancel your membership at any time.

Fair enough?

This really should be a no-brainer for you, because…

You Now Have A Simple Choice

You can accept my invitation to Founder’s Reserve Membership and so take immediate advantage of your special $19.95 30 day trial offer and the locked-in better than half price subscription thereafter.

Then you can relax, safe in the knowledge my proven strategies will be making you steadily wealthier with each passing month.

And just imagine the wonderful possibilities that open up before you, once you have a proven, reliable and steadily increasing investment income.

Can you see yourself toying with all sorts of delicious dilemmas?

For example, whether to take your loved ones on that luxury cruise of a lifetime … or invest your profits in that holiday hideaway, snuggled down, right by the beach on Maui, ready and waiting for you when the magic day arrives when your investments can fuel your golden retirement.


You can do nothing.

Then you’ll never know how simple… how convenient… how comfortable and how UTTERLY PROFITABLE this could have been for you.

But the lucky person who gets the place you could have had will.

I have complete confidence in your shrewd judgment, so I look forward to welcoming you, on the inside, as a valued Founding Member.
Privileged Founder’s Reserve Application

Yes, Ed! I want to make money on the stock market, without relying on those Wall Street crooks ever again!

Please accept my application for membership of the Stock Pick Secrets Private Member’s Club.

I just hope I’m in time to claim Founder’s Reserve status and your very generous 30 day trial for just $19.95, followed by the privileged low monthly subscription of just $195 a month, locked at that low, low rate for the life of my membership.

I’m very grateful for your generous 60 day “Love it or your money back” guarantee, although, from what I’ve seen, so far, I doubt if I’ll need to invoke that!


Visa Mastercard American Express Discover


Ed Burke
CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Winner

P.S. The only way you can possibly lose on this is to pass. Remember, you’re fully protected by my “love it or money back” guarantee. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

P.P.S. Because Founding Membership enjoys such extra special privileges, I’m having to impose a strict limit of just 150.

Right now, many shrewd investors are being alerted to the launch of this brand new program. And many will be thinking, “Proven investment advice from someone who’s not part of the Wall Street Gang? This is for me!”

And everyone who applies to be a member leaves one less place for you.


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