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Forex Basic You Should Learn And Understand

When searching for a broker, one should understand some important things about the broker. Different broker offer different kind of services to their clients. It is your job to make sure that the broker you interested to join with do not have bad record, especially bad record such as they unable to clear any withdrawal or any other important process that related to the client’s fund.

You should ask them questions about anything related to their business. Ask them to show you that they are here to help you, and as their future client, it is your rights to know what they can do for you whenever in trouble. Questions are very important to ask because by answering questions, they prove themselves capable of doing this business with you as their long-term partner.

There are some points you want to note from a broker, these points are;

First, you might want to look at the company size. Like the old saying ‘Size does matter’. In looking for reliable forex trading broker, you should take a look at the size of the company. If it is big enough, that means people are putting trust into the company, and because of that, they are able to grow and expand their business worldwide.

You can find two different types of broker. One is called a dealing desk broker and the other is called a non-dealing desk broker. With a dealing desk broker, clients are presented with a fixed price of spreads and costs per order. While the non-dealing desk broker, offer their clients a set of the best price of which are taken at the moment the investor want to trade.

Another feature that you need to look at is the leverage. Leverage is simply a borrowing power every client can use whenever they make transactions. Presently, people can only use 1:50 leverage option if their broker is the US based brokerage company. This new regulation policy was taking effect since November last year. CFTC and NFA who made this new policy giving their reason that this is to protect people fund in the trading account so they do not lose too much in this investment business.

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Everyday Forex Trading Routines For Newcomer

I will be sharing with you today my daily pre-trading routine along with the some important checklist to help you become more productive, more organized, and better yet, to help you get the maximum ROI from every transaction you initiated. Just follow these checklists on daily basis before you start to trade, I guarantee you will become more prepare in your trading, and you can have better results too.

Before getting into anything else, it is better to check on any open trades you may have along with their current performance. This should be the very first thing you do from starting up your computer. Tracking performance is necessary so that we can determine whether or not we want to continue with that particular trade or not. If it is not possible to continue, just close the trade and move on to another.

Checking on stop loss is another important task you need to do before going deeper. Make sure that you move the stop loss to break even point so that your chances of loss can be minimized, or erased. If the price movement has already move beyond your entry point, it is a good idea to move the stop loss even further so that you might have a safe trade with lock-in profit already.

If you done with the checking both tasks, now its time to go to the market, and analyze them by implementing the trading strategies that you know best. People are always using two analysis methods. One is called fundamental analysis, and the other is called technical analysis. Each one of them is having their own ups and down. But if you combine them all together, you might have even more powerful market prediction.

Use trading tools that work best for you. Just like anyone else, you need to use the tools to be able to analyze the market perfectly. You can find these tools within your broker’s platform, or you can get the subscription-based tools that of course, offer more features that are customizable and more sophisticate. Subscription-based software is not meant for newcomers because it usually very expensive.

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Public Views of Automatic FOREX Trading Software

The use of automatic FOREX trading software nowadays has become a primary need for traders or investors that do not have time to trade on their own. Since the introduction, of FOREX trading software to the public, the usage of this kind of software has been increases drastically over some period of time. Beside of that, competition in making sophisticate software by brokerage companies has cost them a lot of money. All this effort was make to satisfy their client’s needs.

The reasons why investors are searching for the best automatic FOREX trading software are because of their need to enjoy life. They are need to have something that can supply them with ongoing income without them have to take any part of the work that is done. Modern people are always dreams about financial freedom because being strong financially means that they can do anything they like, they can go where ever they want to, they can have all the time in the world without have to worry about their financial situation at all. What a dream huh?

It is time for us to review the topic about the good and bad outcomes when using automatic FOREX trading software. Automatic trading software is first build to help investors getting more free time while, at the same time, they are getting the profit too from all transactions that were done by the software. This meaning has been widely misinterpreted by many people these days. They are thinking that they can get profit from currency trading without having to participate in it directly. This is definitely a wrong thought that need to be clarify.

One thing you should understand about automatic trading software that it is not meant to be used individually. It is meant to be used in conjunction with other type of analysis, manual analysis. Who was doing manual analysis? Its us, humans. So yes, we still have to analyze the market manually if we are into this investment business of FOREX trading or any other type of paper money trading such as stocks, options, and commodities. Why this automatic trading software is not perfect? Well the answer is pretty straightforward; it is the traders themselves who are making it flawed. Answer this question, who was setting up the software for the first time it is installed on the computer? Who was programming the software, filling it up with programs to spot opportunities in the market, and then execute the trade? Its you! It’s the traders! It’s the investors!

The benefit of using automatic trading software is the freedom to be free from the need of sitting down in front of your computer all day long just to watch the market movement. If you are planning to use or currently using automatic trading software, I suggest you reprogram it to alert notification only. What I mean by this is to setup the software to give you alerts whenever it sees potential trading setups based on the programs you are set into it. By doing this, you will be lessen the potential losing trades that particular software will make. When you can confirm the alerts given by the software to your smart phones, laptop or blackberry, and recheck them using your own trading strategies, you have much greater chance to profit from every trade you initiated.

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Easy Way to Find the Best FOREX Broker

With so many new FOREX brokerage companies emerging every day, we have hard times to find the one that really meet our criteria. By selecting many FOREX brokers out there, we will understand about the difference that each broker has and we can make better judgment before joining particular one that we have our interest on.

All FOREX broker will provide you with a demo account. This demo account is the account of which you can use in order to try the broker’s trading platform or get used to the real trading environment in case you still new to the FOREX world. Usually all the features in live account are the same with features in demo account. That is why it is a good idea to try demo account first when you plan to signing up with new broker.

After finish downloading the platform, go ahead and install that trading platform to your computer. Read on the manual before you run the software, so you know the best practice you can do to get maximum result. Usually brokers included the platform manual within the same file with the trading platform, or you can simply go to your broker website and try to find a page that consist of that particular manual for the software.

Due to the growing competition that happens in the financial investment arena, there are many FOREX brokers who offer new micro account as another choice for their clients with very limited budget, so they can also take part in the live trading environment by using smaller trading account. With micro account, clients can trade micro lots, which means that, they can actually open a trade order on 1/10 the usual amount of a mini account.

Trading accounts are usually offered in USD denomination, but today it is all different. You can choose to have other currencies such as JPY, GBP, and EUR as your main trading account currency. Remember that having your own currency as the main trading currency is far better than have to use others like mentioned above.

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