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Picking A Winner

Penny stocks always make for some good conversation between investors. While sipping the morning coffee some talk about the huge gains they have made while others are saying it is not possible.

So while do some investors make all the money while others keep losing money? well the profitable investors do a few things different than the ones who are losing money. Lets take a look at some of the strategies the profitable investors use.

One of the first things that every good investor does is find a company who is on the verge of breaking out. Now it may be that they have found a cure for cancer or developed a new technology that will change the world. Their profit has been steadily increasing in the last few quarters. Their chart shows all the signs of an upward trend. It seems like all the signs are saying this company is a winner! however we must be very careful before we dump our hard earned money into this company.

Many companies will provide online interviews of the CEO’s, this is a great tool and helps investors to better understand the goals and plans of the company. Many investors think wrong about these types of companies. One common thing said about these companies is ” if they are so great why are they so cheap” however most companies started out small. Think about dell and apple computers, apple was started from a garage and look how large the company is today! so never underestimate the power of the small business.

Nearly all of the successful penny stock investors do all of the above. There is a way to cut down your research time, let the pros pick the best stocks for you. The web is filled with great penny stock newsletters that will deliver the best investment opportunites straight to your inbox.

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